World Literary Heritage in Leipzig

In this exhibition, the three most valuable treasures of the world literary heritage housed in Leipzig University Library are presented next to each other: Parts of Papyrus Ebers (the longest and oldest surviving medical manuscript from ancient Egypt, around 1600 BC), two leaves of the world's oldest bible (Codex Sinaiticus, 4th century AD), and one volume of Machsor Lipsiae, a splendidly adorned Hebrew manuscript from the 14th century AD. Many other unique handwritten or printed documents open up the experience of a multi-cultural 'pursuit of knowledge'.

The exhibition celebrates the anniversary of Leipzig University which, in 2009, can look back on 600 years of uninterrupted teaching and research. Leipzig University Library not only provides the central exhibition created for the occasion ("Erleuchtung der Welt. Sachsen und der Beginn der modernen Wissenschaften") with numerous objects, it also has produced this particular show. Under the heading "In Pursuit of Knowledge" most precious and rare books are presented according to several disciplines: Astronomy, Botany, Music, Geography, Religion, Medicine etc.